The age of a man during marriage must be greater than that of a woman

The age of a man during marriage must be greater than that of a woman

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The age of a man during marriage must be greater than that of a woman

Female women will reach an average age of 2 to 3 years earlier than a male boy for physical and sexual maturity and rational, intellectual, emotional, social, economic, and so on, so earlier than the gentleman Boys achieve the necessary maturity for common life, so the age of a man should be greater than that of a woman during marriage. As girls go to sexual maturity early on, their sexual needs subsides sooner than men.

Generally, women tend to be cold in their marital relationship in middle age. If the age of a woman is less than a woman when she is married, the woman’s cold time exactly coincides with the warmth and excitement of the man, and this collapses the pillars of their common life. Due to childbirth, they will soon lose their freshness and liveliness.

As a result, the appropriate age difference causes physical balance and balance in the fracture of the face and limb. Some of the problems that result from the woman being bigger in marital life when the age of a man is less than that of a woman during marriage is the role of a husband and wife It gives birth to the role of “parenthood.”

When a woman is much older than her husband, because she has experienced many things, she is trapped and admonished, and she does not endure permanently. That is, instead of her husband’s role, she plays a native role In life. This leads to a sense of childhood in a man, then anger and anger in her. She constantly controls her to prevent a man from committing material and material mistakes.

A man’s constant control also raises his anger and makes a difference in his marital relationship. When a woman enters an intermediate age, she naturally suffers from coldness in sexual matters. She needs to do things to keep her husband’s life alive and satisfied. It is not related to its true age and is for younger people. Continuing this process and playing after a while tries the woman. And … Attention: The warning points mentioned above are not for everyone. In this regard, the amount of reason and intelligence of the parties, the lack of their age intervals … and many effects on the success or failure of a common life.

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By : Dr. Parvaneh Safaei Moghaddam Doctor of psychology Good psychologist

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